Monday, February 08, 2010

So Had It With Snow

Six of us girls stayed at the ocean in Sandbridge Va. Jan.28-31... this is what it looked like on Saturday. Still we had a great time !!! When we arrived back here.. we found 12 inches on the ground here. This weekend we got pounded with another snow storm... about 16 inches. Now we are going to get another large amount starting tomorrow on top what we have. We had about 16 inches on the ground Dec.18 which stayed on the ground for a white Yule. I can't remember when we had this many large snows in VA.
The shop has been pretty much closed since Dec.18. We did open this weekend but only on Friday. Looks like we may not get open this coming weekend. Schools have been closed for so long... I have been watching Sierra & Robert. No telling when they will now open again. I've been in so long that I have apartment fever !! Not used to being in so much as I am usually out and about.

Monday, January 25, 2010

About Time

Well we got our big snow this winter about 18 inches of the stuff. Snowed like crazy here on Dec.18th. Jeni and I attended a jewelry show at Dulles Expo Center that day and we were sure surprised at 6 PM as we exited the Expo Center. We stopped by a friend's place for a few hours while waiting for the DC traffic to clear some and hoping that highway conditions would improve. Well, it turned out that the 1.5 hour drive increased to a 6 hour adventure and at times we were the only traffic on Rt 95 except for the sand trucks. It was a trip to remember.

Yule was great here except my 6 cats truly destroyed the Yule Tree. Eragon of course was by far the most destructive. I started out with about 100 balls... plastic of course and by Yule only 3 remained. Oh well, they had fun !!

Jeni closed the shop down for the month of January so for the most part.. I have been off work. We have been moving stuff around on some weekends. Always something to get into on weekends for sure.

This weekend 7 of us gals are going to the Ocean. We are staying in a huge beautiful home right on the sand of the ocean in Sandbridge, Va which is next to Virginia Beach. I shall be metal detecting !!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Getting Ready for Yule

Lil Kaiya is 7 months old now.. She is so very precious. She loves Santa.
My bad kitties are determined to destroy their Yule Tree. We had about 75 ornaments on but not now... 20 remain. I have a small 4 ft tree on my porch that is protected from the cats. I am still working but sales have been small & few. I enjoy my job and I am not looking forward to be closed the entire month of January. I was invited to go to Orlando Fla but declined.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Been Busy

Well my Granddaughter Kaiya is back and I sure missed her. She is now almost 7 months old.. time flies. I have been busy with working and going places with the girls. I have met some new friends from work. I am working and out & about on the weekends. Sometimes I do just wanna stay home and rest but I do get bored easily. Well, I need to work as many jobs as possible to provide for my very spoiled 6 kitties. The shop where I work closes for the month of January.. I shall be bored on those weekends. I have a few trips in planning. I so love my apartment and the new closed in back porch.

That is All !!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blessed Samhain

This is Pyewacket.. the new baby of Salem's Lair. Hope every one is doing well. I have been fairly busy. Robby and Jessica purchased a nice camper and we celebrated Samhain at the campgrounds last weekend. At the campgrounds there were parties. I have been working at my friend, Jenny's antique shop on weekends. I have been making videos on youtube and now have 42 of them under SalemsLair. I love doing this. Jenny, Mary Rita and I are having a Samhain party on Saturday night... lots of decorations, food, drink and music. We have a Fortune Teller scheduled to do readings upon request. I am wearing my cloak and witch dress. I just hope lots of people show up. Once home I plan on doing my own private ritual.
Sad news... My crazy wacked out drunk daughter in law has run off with my 6 month old granddaughter, Kaiya. She has taken her out of area. My son is devasted and shocked as we all are including her family. Shannon has very much taken care of Kaiya by himself since she was born as Tina runs off to get and stay drunk with her friends when ever she feels like it. This is the 3rd time but up until now she has always left Kaiya behind. Said she is not happy and just wants to party and get drunk. I don't give a fat rat's ass what she does or about her... just bring Kaiya back and stop destroying her life.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New babies of Salem's Lair

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Been Awhile

Time flies --- Robert (Scooter) is 6 years old and going to 1st grade this year. He is playing pee wee football this fall. He is a big muscled guy so he is the center. Sierra will be in the 6th grade this year. She is now 11 years old. She does very well in school. She is so pretty now !!! Kaiya is now 4 months old. She is so very very cute and so spoiled. She has the most beautiful Azure eyes like her Daddy.
Me, I have been busy. I am baby sitting some, working at an antique shop some and hanging out with my friends. Still yard saling with Y every Saturday. Been camping with the family some. My porch and deck is all finished and I am loving it. My kitties are all doing well and happy. I went crabbing on my friend Jan's boat dock... it was fun.. LOL.... I have not sat on a pier with strings dangling and chicken neck tied on since I was about 16 years old. We didn't catch enough to cook but it was fun just the same. I love being on and around the water..tis my element.
My landlady gifted me the most descriptive sign of me... "If youre not barefoot, you are overdressed"... LOL.. Jenny gifted me this sign also that reads... "Caution..Scary Creatures inside"... LOL !! They were gifts for my new porch.
Guess, I am finally settling back in here and enjoying life as much as possible. My friends both old and new are finally accepting me for who I am and my beliefs. It feels good to be myself again. I think last year when I was so sick and being in the hospital made me a much stronger person and I appreciate so much more. I still miss Salem so much and my heart will always hold him close to me.
My kitties keep me so happy. Stephen is still calling every night but you know.. we will never have a permanent relationship not now.. I really don't want to share my life with him.. I will never be barked orders at nor be controlled. I am so used to being alone with my kitties and having my friends and that is what makes me happy.